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Mixed martial arts was originally based around the concept of pitting different martial arts and fighting styles against each other in competition with minimal rules, in an attempt to determine which system would be more effective in a real combat situation. MMA Contender is a interactive forum that capitalized on the UFC/Pride phenomenon. It offers training tips, gear review, conditioning exercises and allows users a virtual space to meet up and discuss all things MMA. We will have special sales from time to time for MMAcontender members only. Hope you enjoy your stay, visit often! .

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SSF Submission Academy named one of the fastest growing MMA gyms in the world.

SSF Submission Academy (www.MMAclarksville.com) has been selected as one of the fastest growing MMA gyms in the world.  With locations and affliates around the world SSF has quitely been growing and dominating the MMA scene locally, nationlly and internationally.

Health Business Inc. states that SSF has put together a formula of building top quality MMA fighters while at the same time training regular students side by side.   SSF has a unique grasp and understanding of what it takes to push their clients to their maximum potential while having fun and becoming part of a team or as they call it, part of the SSF family.  

A major fitness company, Fitness Factory has bought 20% ownership of SSF and is planning on incorporating the SSF mindset into their business model of their own franchise gyms.  As part of the partnership between SSF and Fitness Factory, FF agrees to leave all the training, managing and fighter develpment to SSF co-founder Ron Dayley.  Mr. Dayley will become VP of the Martial Arts programs at Fitness Factory.  

Mr. Dayley in a prepared press statement said “I am looking forward to growning the SSF and Fitness Factory brand.  In doing so, I hope to be able to bring our flavor of MMA to more people at a reduced cost to the students.  Our goal is to provide fighters a place to train for their fights with the top trainers in the world and to be able to lift and do all the cardio they need under the roof of our beautiful state of the art locations”.   He also went on to say that “as part of this agreement, we will be buying property here in the US and in Asia to house fighters so they can focus 100% on the deed at hand and become the best fighters that they can be”.   -Stu Phillips


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