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Mixed martial arts was originally based around the concept of pitting different martial arts and fighting styles against each other in competition with minimal rules, in an attempt to determine which system would be more effective in a real combat situation. MMA Contender is a interactive forum that capitalized on the UFC/Pride phenomenon. It offers training tips, gear review, conditioning exercises and allows users a virtual space to meet up and discuss all things MMA. We will have special sales from time to time for MMAcontender members only. Hope you enjoy your stay, visit often! .

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Gyms that build champions

There are gyms that build champions and there are also gyms that buy champions.  Know which is which.  Any gym can buy fighters but there are only a select few that can and have build champions from the ground up.  When you find a quality gym, make sure you stay with that gym.

I have seen fighters bribed and bought from their home gym and to never be heard of again.  These fighters have no loyalty and should be ashamed of themselves.  These “fighters” go off to a new gym and act as if their old gym that got them to where they are had nothing to do with their success.  But soon, these “fighters” stop developing and stop winning and fall off the scene or they start begging for easy fights on small shows.  Deep inside they know that they were wrong but their pride won’t let them admit it and they start talking poorly of the gym that made them.  In the mean time the old gym just keeps cranking out real fighters that win real fights on real cards.



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